Thursday, October 20, 2016

The value of planning ahead

I am definitely beginning to realize the value of planning ahead. Historically I have not been a planner. I can make long-term goals, but I have not  been good at planning out my days, weeks or months in advance. I feel like I have shifted into a new season where it is IMPERTIVE that I learn how. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have two school aged children involved in extracurricular activities, combined with the fact that we are hosting two connect groups this year.

 At the moment I have a ton of checklists and a plan for each day of the week. It sounds crazy, but it is helping me stay on top of things and get more done than I ever have before. I am learning how to manage my time effectively for perhaps the first time in my life. I feel a little embarrassed to admit that I am tracking my macros to make sure I am getting enough nutrition to achieve my goals as well as fuel my body. I have recently started taking vitamins and supplements to boost my immune system. More than anything, I am trying to bed by 9:30pm so that I have some time to read before I go to sleep. It's a challenge on the evenings when my  children don't settle until 8:30 or 9:00pm and I spend my evening packing lunches, sweeping floors and writing out my to do list for the next day. I cannot afford to leave dishes for the next day anymore. The days of lounging on the couch with a bag of chips in the evening to no longer a possibility if I want to stay "on top of things".  My evenings are just as busy as my mornings, but it makes the next day more manageable. Sometimes its simple things like putting a tea bag in my cup, filling up the kettle, and choosing my outfit before I go to bed.

I still haven't made any progress in the "meal planning" department, but I have learned how to manage my time better and set priorities. Blogging has taken a back seat, as well editing photos, watching TV, or anything "crafty". That being said, I am celebrating the fact that I have never felt SO organized and on top of things.  I am going to ride this wave of energy and organizational bliss for as long as possible.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lovely blustery day

Is it is crazy that I am thoroughly enjoying this blustery, rainy weather? 

There is something about being corralled into my home with my family that fills me with joy. Perhaps because it reminds me of my childhood and the many hours I spent building forts, playing house, baking, reading and drawing with my siblings.

My children played imaginary games and rode mattresses down the stairs for the majority of the day. When they tired, they curled up on the couch and watched cartoons, whilst happily munching on homemade popcorn. We enjoyed French toast and berries for breakfast and leftover Shepard's pie for dinner. It felt like we were hibernating from the world and it was wonderful. I got a TON of organizing done, which always makes me happy.  I love staying in my pj's and tackling areas of the house that are otherwise overlooked during the week. Places like my make-up drawer, the kids craft closet and my horrific baking drawer. I didn't enjoy scrubbing  all the furniture that Levi drew on, or the rugs he smeared with Vaseline a couple ago, but at least it's done... for now. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Currently: September

I borrowed this photo from farmgirl's dabbles since I am currently unable to upload pictures from my camera.

The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C.S. Lewis by Alan Jacobs

to Jenny and Tyler "This I know"

how to cook grain and dairy free from the book "The Whole 30".
(so far I have made delicious turkey meatballs with almond flour and basil lime mayonnaise) 

to feel inspired and energetic after feeling lethargic for a LONG time

to be much more organized this fall

pears hopefully soon some applesauce from the apples in our neighborhood.

forward to hosting a mom's bible study group this year and
eating heaps of Australian pumpkin

for quality time with my husband

to write poetry again

hydrangea blooms, pears and apples

all this lovely fall sunshine and riding my bike

Levi's new "little man" haircut". Now he looks JUST like his daddy.

shorter days and earlier bedtimes

a cozy boyfriend style sweater, bangles, my favorite fall scarf, freshwater pearl earrings ,black skinny jeans, a smile :0)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Quote of the Day


"Nature has an unparalleled capacity to stir our emotions, fostering raw and powerful feelings of wonder, awe, mystery, joy—and, yes, fear. Smelling a wildflower in an alpine meadow, sprinting into the ocean surf, and sharing a face-to-face encounter with a coyote are all experiences that differ mightily from virtual alternatives." - Scott D Sampson

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tiny Things: Magnolia Flowers

I love macro and still life photography. Ironically, the majority of my photographs are of busy children and scenery. That being said, once and awhile I get to photograph something tiny and beautiful.  In this case it was the stamen of a magnolia flower.


Fitness Friday: Getting back on track

It has been a glorious summer filled with camping,  backyard BBQ's, swimming, entertaining, and berry picking. That being said, fall is steadily approaching and I have been putting a lot of thought into how I am going to get "back on track". Ordinarily I aim to workout 4-5 times a week and religiously track my macros, but during the summer I stop tracking macros, eat boatloads of fruit and only go for the occasional run or hike.  In doing so, I have definitely lost some muscle tone and put on a little fluff. No big deal. I love the saying "just pick up where you left off". My dad recently started weight lifting at the age of sixty six and looks amazing!!!!

He is a great reminder that it is NEVER too late to regain lost strength or get into the best shape of your life. Making time to workout sometimes feels like a logistical nightmare with three children, but I KNOW that it is important for my health and my sanity.

I was at Michaels craft store the other day looking for a few items for a baby shower I was hosting when I found the perfect fitness journal!!!! It is a product by Me and My Big Ideas and I can't help but think, "where has this been all my life"! I tried to create a fitness journal awhile back using pintables from Pinterest but I lost half of them before I managed to put them into a binder. Gah! I like this system because everything is clearly laid out, is filled with beautiful graphics and provides place to document EVERYTHING. I love to journal and chart things so  this is a match made in heaven.

This is an example of one of  the "Get Fit" boxes you can purchase from Michaels. There are also smaller packs available as well for those that want to add them to their "happy planners".

I really like the one I purchased. I plan on starting it in September.

I look forward to charting my progress on the this pretty little chart.

A monthly page where I can plan out and  record all my  monthly workouts.

A weekly page where I can record  my meals, caloric info and water consumption.

This is probably my favorite page. I love that it provides space for a progress photo as well as reflections on how the month went.

Here is an example of someone's fit journal.

Until September, I will continue to use the following pages to record details about my workouts and meals. Once I start using my "fancy fitness journal",  I will have a place to record my macros and workouts in one place. It is going to take some time to get back to where I was after relaxing so much this summer, but I am confident I will get there.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Quote of the day


                                     "It is my personal approach that creates the climate. 
It is my daily mood that makes the weather... 
I possess tremendous power to make a child's life miserable or joyous. 
I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. 
In all situations, it is my response that decides whether the crisis will be escalated or 
de-escalated and a child humanized or de-humanized."
-Haim Ginott